Slim Phoria Keto

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Slim Phoria Keto Exposed presents Slim Phoria Keto for weight management / reduction / shedding / fat management. This passage examines said claim. crafts content in German language. Some Herzolex data cannot be:

  1. Grasped
  2. Examined
  3. Commented
  4. Concluded

Four tabs feature:

  1. Witness Accounts
  2. Scientifically Proven
  3. How It Works
  4. FAQ
  5. Buy Now

Tabs are followed by:

  1. Women’s Health
  2. Health & Fitness
  3. Shape
  4. Women’s fitness

Media Aspect First

  1. Aforesaid names suggest:
    1. Herzolex caught their attention:
      1. For its price
      1. For its productivity
      1. For its appreciation
      1. For its safety
      1. Other qualities

These names are entrenched. This entrenchment owes to:

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Expertise

likewise notions. Everyone of:

Women’s Health,

Shape, Health & Fitness

Women’s Fitness

rubs off on. Mentioned notions benefit. Reader find:

  1. Mentioned
  2. Discussed
  3. Approved

notion there, worthies for money. One also expects embedding links in:

  1. Women’s Health
  2. Health & Fitness
  3. SHAPE
  4. Women’s fitness

showing their individual:

  3. Examinations

adding to credibility. Clicking there on reveals these to be Herzolex decoy.

Price presents Herzolex price data on

  1. One Herzolex bottle’s listed price is 49.95 Euros. Discount lowers 49.95 Euro price to 39.95 Euro price.
  2. Two Herzolex bottle purchase gets:
    1. one Herzolex bottle free
    1. 49 Euro discount price.
  3. Three Herzolex bottles get two Herzolex bottles free. A 79 Euro discount.
  4. Discounts are incredible. Why Herzolex prices on were not reasoned first. Suggesting a fleecing price. Then halving it! Not a good idea. If it’s real:

Buyer is fleeced


Making team gets peanuts

  • Paying methods on are many. 7 to be exact.

Witness Account

Let’s see what brings for its Herzolex in Witness Account. It says 8-kg weight loss. In no time. What does it mean? Time frame is must. However, this claim misses:

  • Body type
  • Life style
  • Food intake
  • State of mind
  • DNA

None of lacunae on is filled. Appears rejected.

The Best Selling  claims its Slim Phoria Keto is the best. doesn’t bring sale data. Not of two rivals. Stands nullified. Had Herzolex stakeholders correct, evidence would be on No side effects. Is it true? No evidence exists. Potency invites side-effects. Take example of Viagra. Anyhow, no evidence, negates’s this claim.

100% natural

Well, good thing. Where lies evidence? Comb the entire Nothing suggests so. No:

  1. Government agency
  2. NGO
  3. Lab

in Germany is mentioned. Completely safe! Must be kidding. No solution is safe. Completely safe! A far fetched idea. No solution is so. An obscene lie.

Recommendation claims numerous recommendations. However, no:

  1. referee name is there.
  2. Referee suggesting:
    1. Time
    1. Stamp.
  3. No referred person’ s data.
  4. no referred man’s data mentioned.

Obviously,  this Herzolex claims evaporates.

Fast and Discreet Shipping

  1. No data
  2. No example
  3. No timetable
  4. No customer data

Lends credence to this portrayed image.

Regarding discreet shipment, no idea available. Cannot be supported.


A comment section on carries:

  1. Pictures
  2. Name
  3. age
  4. Earlier weight
  5. Reduced weight

Well, time isn’t mentioned. How to measure. The weight time-frame! Going to “visual” data , none mentions on time consumer. There are other discrepancies.  Take example of Anna Kroll, a 34 years old blonde. She lost six-kg. Compare both pictures. Six kilogram difference for Anna Kroll appears farce. Anna Kroll’s transformation matches Monika Sun losing 16 kilograms. There is Sarah Kaiser of 25. Her 17 kg weight loss from 68 to 51 doesn’t match:

  1. Anna Kroll
  2. Monika Sun

Without middle names, Anna Kroll, Monika Sun etc., cannot be:

  1. Searched
  2. Confirmed

Claim list continues lengthening. Methods are same old. The same page, i.e., shows:

  3. Focus

images. None is clickable. No confirmation. Apparently, not truth.


The same page, i.e.,, shows 728mg potency. Nowhere on the Slim Phoria Keto label even suggests 728 mg. Let alone, 728 Herzolex breakdown.

Other Features

The same page on lists more features:

  1. 100% Natural
  2. German Origin
  3. Other three features are in German.

German economy leads Europe. However, herzolex doesn’t find any:

  1. Certification
  2. Compliance
  3. Watchdog
  4. State entity
  5. Independent lab
  6. International lab:
    1. supporting/confirming/proving 100% natural Herzolex composition.

Obscene ridiculous befits claim of:

  1. Made in Germany because:
  2. Neither nor shows any:
    1. Address in Germany
    1. Phone number
    1. German tax registering entity
    1. Local government registering entity
    1. Food bureau
    1. Likewise

Why Herzolex wouldn’t mend its:

  1. Apparently cheating ways
  2. Concealing information
  3. Stifling explanation
  4. Hiding evidence
  5. Obviously, both Slim Phoria Keto pages:
    1. shadow Herzolex darkly.

Scientifically Proven

Deception about Herzolex unfolds obviously on, i.e., the Scientifically Proven tab. The same webpage stays the same even Scientifically Proven tab is clicked. One dubious website protocol. No ingredient is mentioned. No potency is available. Only a Leucine is mentioned. mentions:

University of Tennessee. A US veracity. Not a German one.

But doesn’t mention:

  1. Study title
  2. Date
  3. Scope
  4. Nature
  5. Count of participants

Then, mentions:

  1. University School of Medicine
  2. Medical Faculty of Oita, Japan.
  3. Notice, none is German. There is language difference. US and Japan don’t employ German language. Mala fidi surfaces again. presents four links.

Study 1

The Study 1 on takes to one NCBI NLM NIH link. Again America. Why doesn’t Slim Phoria Keto finds German:

  1. Information
  2. Reports
  3. Data
  4. Statistics
  5. Evidence

etc. Besides, Study 1 led NCBI NLM NIH link doesn’t bear Herzolex. What Herzolex is based on?

Study 2

This Study 2 on appears dangerous. Google Chrome warns here. Your Connection isn’t Private.

Study 3

This Study 3 link shows another NCBI NLM NIH link. Hardly 5 line comprise NCBI content chooses to depend. No Herzolex mention either.


Evidently, nothing on supports Slim Phoria Keto.