male power xl

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Male power xl

  1. Origin
  2. Prime Testo

Origin Prime Testo befits Male power xl criterion. Amazon sells said Origin product for $29.99.

Product Highlights

  1. Prime Testo by Origin supports:
  2. Testosterone levels
  3. Hormone levels
  4. Origin bases its Prime Testo on 4 millennial herbal expertise
  5. Prime Testo:
  6. Better sexual performance
  7. Enhances sex drive/appetite
  8. Testosterone level restoration naturally.
  9. 100% plant-based

Product Description

Origin employs 100% plant concentrates for its Prime Test. Origin relies on a Proprietary Formula designed to:

  1. Build muscles
  2. Improve sexual performance
  3. Improve Testosterone making.
  4. Origin keeps Prime Testo ingredients Vegan.
  5. Organic is next feature here.
  6. Origin chosen ingredients for Prime Testo are Wild Harvested.
  7. Origin chooses Non-GMO sourced ingredients.

Prime Testo Benefits

  1. Origin promises Testosterone Production
  2. Deflating Estrogen dominance
  3. Supporting muscle growth naturally
  4. Prime Testo:
    1. Builds
    1. Hardens
    1. Protects
  5. Lean muscles
  6. by means of providing:
    1. essential amino acids
    1. Vitamins
    1. Minerals
  7. Prime Testo improves blood flow:
  8. to musculature to increase:
    1. power
    1. endurance
  9. Testosterone production support at Origin Prime Testo is legal.
  10. Sexual performance gets better.
  11. Sex derive gets better.

Words of Caution

  1. Origin advises, regarding Prime Testo use, consulting a doctor first.
  2. Keep it away from children.
  3. Origin Prime Testo targets over 18.
  4. Prime Testo suits:
  5. Healthy males
  6. Origin advises not using Prime Testo to:
    1. Expectant women
    1. Nursing mothers
    1. Individuals taking prescribed medicine
    1. People with known medical issues
  7. Origin forbids from overdosing Male power xl.

Legal Disclaimer

Origin informs that FDA hasn’t evaluated Male power xl. Origin adds that Prime Testo doesn’t intend to:

  1. Diagnose
  2. Treat
  3. Cure
  4. Prevent
  5. Any health condition.
  6. Any diseases.

Usage Instructions

  1. Origin provides Prime Testo usage instructions. Origin advises taking 30 to 60 Prime Testo drops a day. Repeat it 2 to 4 times. Put those Origin Prime Testo drops under tongue. Let Origin stay for 90 seconds. Afterwards, Origin advises either:
  2. Swallowing drops


  • drink 2 ounce water first. Then, sip it inside. Prime Testo serves best between meals.

Male power xl Ingredient Profile

Origin Prime Testo gives Proprietary Blend umbrella to Prime Testo ingredient profile. Hence, no individual potency of Male power xl ingredients is available. Similarly, %DV isn’t available either. Only names are available.

  • The first Origin choice for Prime Testo is 2:1 Decoction.
  • The second Origin choice for Prime Testo is Panax Ginseng root.
  • The third Origin choice for Prime Testo is North American Ginseng root.
  • The fourth Origin choice for Prime Testo is Suma root.
  • The fifth Origin choice for Top Rated Testoserone Booster is Astragalus root.
  • The sixth Origin choice for Prime Testo is Rhodiola Rosea.
  • The seventh Origin choice for Prime Testo is Siberian Eleuthero.
  • The eighth Origin choice for Prime Testo is Cordyceps Mushroom.
  • The ninth Origin choice for Prime Testo is Shilajit mineral.
  • The tenth Origin choice for Prime Testo is Black Cumin Seed Oil.
  • The eleventh Origin choice for Prime Testo is Eucommia Bark.
  • The twelfth Origin choice for Prime Testo is Schizandra fruit.
  • The thirteenth Origin choice for Prime Testo is Noto-Ginseng root.
  • The fourteenth Origin choice for Prime Testo is Gynostemma.
  • The fifteenth Origin choice for Prime Testo is Lycium fruit.
  • The sixteenth Origin choice for Male power xl is Cyperus Rhizome.
  • The seventh Origin choice for Prime Testo is Citrus peel.
  • The eighteenth Origin choice for Prime Testo is Licorice root.
  • The nineteenth and last Origin choice for Prime Testo is Vitamin D.

Shining the Few Origin Ingredients

Limited space restricts delineating all ingredients. Retaining readers’ attention compounds it.

Vitamin D

Some people fine Vitamin D befitting ‘hormone’ deficiency. However, factual support lacks here. Dr. Ronald Vieth, an acclaimed Vitamin D researchers, globally, sees its:

  1. Structural Raw Material
  2. Resembling both:
    1. Hormones
    1. Pre-Hormones
  3. However, definition touchstone pigeonholes it a Vitamin. For greater:
    1. Trust
    1. Information
  4. Origin quotes “Why Vitamin-D is not a Hormone.” A Dr. Vieth’s paper. A land mark one. Some disagree. Point is D contributes critically in either definition. Many biological functions benefit. Testosterone production includes that list.

If Vitamin D isn’t Abundunt

Testosterone aromatization may increase. Aromatization leads to Estrogen. This development looms. Especially, when Testosterone development comprises men’s target. So, aromatization appears quite bad. In the USA, insufficient sunshine invites/entices D deficiency. An estimate finds D deficiency amounting to 77%.

D and Testosterone Connection

Origin refers two studies supporting D’s distinguishing role in Male power xl.

Human Case Study 1

Origin finds a study connecting lower Testosterone to dominating estrogen. There were other developments too. Higher body fat percentage. Shrinking lean mass. A higher number of Cardiovascular disease. Depression stretching further. Low Vitamin D lowering fertility.

Human Case Study 2

Next study, quoted by Origin Premium Testo, finds Vitamin D supplementation stirring up:

  1. Free testosterone levels
  2. 20 on a percentage scale
  3. Bioactive ingredients too increased.

Vitamin D

Sunlight sources Vitamin D. The best source. Exposure to sun results/produces Vitamin D. The best D attaining approach. There is a catch. How to estimate D needs? There are other factors too.

  1. The extent of body’s exposure.
  2. Skin’s complexion. Level of darkness. Darker the complexion, more vitamin D generation will be.
  3. Time slot. Mornings and Afternoons require plentiful sunlight.
  4. What is the season? Sunlight need rises in:
    1. Spring
    1. Fall
    1. Winter

Origin finds many amongst us D deficient owing to:

  1. Poor sunlight absorption
  2. Long working hours. In offices etc.
  3. Long commuting times
  4. Growing family responsibilities.
  5. Shrinking times in open air.

Vitamin D helps Magnesium working. Testosterone production rests on magnesium absorption. Magnesium needs Vitamin D. Besides, Magnesium increases D’s bio activeness. Vitamin D absorption needs Boron too. Experts find both:

  1. Boron
  2. Magnesium

Stirring testosterone up.


Evidently, Origin Prime Testo, also knows as Male power xl, is fine.