Keto Trim 247

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Gistix Labs Made Keto Trim 247 Are Busted

Gistix Labs presents its Ketogistix BHB for weight management. Its Keto Trim 247 are available on too. Gistix Labs packs one hundred and twenty Ketogistix BHB capsules in each bottle and charges $15.97 on Hence, one Gistix Labs produced capsule costs $0.13.

The Gistix Labs’ provided Ketogistix BHB content on speaks volumes about its features, statements, advantages, etc. The problem is fake, bogus, spurious, fraudulent, etc., brands choose a similar method. Plainly, content hardly helps to assess. The absence of assessment signifies wasting money and risking health. Reviews comprise one popular, reliable, convenient, gratis, and likewise approach. The following matter is Keto Trim 247’ review. Following Ketogistix BHB points have been plucked from Gistix Labs provided/ presented content. Let’s start the review.

  1. The Manufacturer Information

The emergence/ presentation of a product stirs manufacturer strung curiosity. There are many reasons. Legacy is one top reason. Take examples of RollsRoyce, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lacoste, Chanel, Apple, etc. These brands rule. No doubt, they are marked for quality, yet people do pay higher amounts. The reason is legacy, i.e., repute, trust, etc. Perchance, the value of legacy makes manufacturer/ producer/ maker/ name precede that of product. Takes examples of RollsRoyce Silver Seraph, Porsche Cayyan, BMW 7 Series, Mercedes Benz S Class, etc.

Surprisingly, the front part of Ketogistix BHB label doesn’t mention Gistix Labs. It is quite surprising. Having seen Gistix Labs imbued claims in the webpage content, absence of Gistix Labs appears shocking and unjustified. Plainly, the front or first label part presents no manufacturer Keto Trim 247 information

The backside of Ketogistix BHB label shows strange, weird, and unprecedented information, i.e., Manufactured for Gistix Labs. This information begets two questions. Firstly, what entity makes Ketogistix BHB? Why its name is hidden? Is there something wrong? Otherwise, products carry enough information. Secondly, what is Gistix Labs then? Why its name is penned? It is very weird, rather shocking. In what position / place Gistix Labs mark Ketogistix BHB bottles. It suggests one thing, i.e., something bad.

Gistix Labs is followed by 3912 s 56th STE C Tacoma, WA 98409, USA. Let’s seek Google help. Google Map Street View exposes this Gistix Labs’ utter obscene, and blatant lie. 3912 is found written on Zyggi’s Auto Shop. Plainly, this Google finding proves Gistix Labs is a ghost concern with one scamming purpose.

  • Made in the USA

This too is Gistix Labs provided information regarding Ketogistix BHB’s country of origin. However, the address lie doubts this claim. Besides, Ketogistix BHB webpage on provides not information. Having seen the past Gistix Labs’ practice, this Keto Trim 247’ claim too appears baseless.

  • GMP

GMP is specific to US products alone. GMP announcement/ claim shores the Made in the USA claim/ promise. Gistix Labs descends to misinforming in this digital age. The web page doesn’t inform; when application was filed; what was the reference number; when audited was executed; where are its findings, etc. Gistix Labs gives no reference number. Otherwise, GMP (USA) website could have helped. Plainly, this Gistix Labs claim is a lie.

  • The 30-Day Guarantee

Apparently, 30-Day Guarantee is another Gistix Labs’ imbued attraction in Keto Trim 247. Let’s see it too. Firstly, the label is devoid it. Why doesn’t Gistix Labs mention it? It is very important feature. It assures expenditure’s value. Gistix Labs could have showered serenity upon yet-to-be-Ketogistix BHB customers. This attraction certainly works. But, why it escapes Gistix Labs’ attention?

Next thing weakens this Ketogistix BHB feature is content lacks terms and conditions. What will get through Ketogistix BHB guarantee and what will fall through? Who will call shots?

There is another obviously nullifying factor. It is the address. Gistix Labs’ address is complete wrong, rather shows mala fide plan.

  • 60-day supply and 30-day Guarantee

This claim makes Keto Trim 247 doubtful generally and Ketogistix BHB guarantee particularly. It is obvious. Ketogistix BHB carries capsules good for 60 days. But Gistix Labs gives 30-day valid guarantee. There is one thing obvious. Before one Ketogistix BHB bottle is consumed, the Gistix Labs’ guarantee would have ended earlier. What stokes here that Gistix Labs don’t provide Ketogistix BHB related guarantee details.

  • FDA registered Facility

Then, Gistix Labs claims that its Ketogistix BHB’s manufacturing occurs in a particular facility. FDA registration makes it particular. Fine, but what makes this Ketogistix BHB claim worth believing. The Gistix Labs’ choir is empty. There are further loopholes. Gistix Labs and its Ketogistix BHB prides in FDA registered facility but doesn’t reveal its name, address, endorsements, certifications, abilities, experience, etc.

Gistix Labs doesn’t provide any FDA reference for crosschecking from FDA’ website. This alone reference could have restored Gistix Labs’ claim range’s sheen. But, disappoints awaits here.

  • Gluten-Free Ingredients

Prime facie, another Gistix Labs’ claim with purpose of elevating Keto Trim 247. The reality is different here. Gluten-Free becomes applicable if Gistix Labs would have used certain cereal types. The Supplement Facts refute any cereal role in Ketogistix BHB’s formulary. Besides, an Allergen-Free certification provides validity, while Allergen-Free certificate is totally stranger here

  • Lab Tested

After that, Gistix Labs says its Ketogistix BHB is lab tested. To this review, this Gistix Labs appears another trap. Exposing this trap is easy. Such claim is followed by laboratory’ name, address, abilities, certifications, experience, earlier customers’ mention, name of product tests, naming of aspects tested, time stamp of testing, test findings. None exists here. What does it suggest about Gistix Labs approach of marketing Ketogistix BHB?

  • Accelerated Recovery Time

Another weak point smothering Keto Trim 247. Two recovery aspects are popular, i.e., Repair of damaged muscles and coping with lactic acid. Now revisit Ketogistix BHB Ingredient profile. What ingredient Gistix Labs presents/ believes fixing aforesaid recovery issues.

  1. Keto Advanced Loss
  2. 800mg BHB Salts
  3. For women and men
  4. Exogenous Ketones
  5. Fat Burn
  6. Best Value
  7. Boosts Energy
  8. Metabolism Support
  9. Increase Energy
  10. Improve Mental Focus
  11. Burn Fat for Energy
  12. Appetite Suppression
  13. Sustainable Energy Through The Day
  14. Focus Thorough The Day
  15. Enhanced Stamina
  16. Enhanced Focus
  17. Decreased Appetite
  18. Clean Energy Source


Reviewed and listed points show Keto Trim 247 is fake.