Keto Health Plus

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Keto Health Plus Exposed

The Keto Health Plus label shows:

  1. Keto Health Plus
  2. Keto

Arrangement suggests:

The former is maker/producer/manufacturer

The Brand

Does it sound Ok?Summitmakes Keto. Weird!

Let’s go further. Brand name help finding:

Source. A brand can be:

  1. Procured
  2. Bought
  3. Availed
  4. Rented
  5. Etc.
  6. Manufacturer

Take example of Satellite Harman/Kardon. Google Satellite Harman/Kardonor ask a laptop seller about Satellite Harman/Kardon. Both will suggest and bring respectively:

Toshiba Satellite Harman/kardon.

Coco Mademoiselle is another example. Either visit:

  1. A perfume store
  2. Google information

both will:

  1. Suggest
  2. Bring

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, accessible through

Another example, Google S6 Edge and said Samsung product, i.e., S6 Edge appears. Names do magic. Right. Let’s revert to Keto. Let’s Google. Google results are numerous. 8-digit results precisely. None of first 30 Google Keto results allude to:

Keto made by Summit (the Keto manufacturer).

Hence, Keto, the title, fails. First, Keto Health Plus doesn’t sell its Keto. Revenue generation stops. Team’s financial appreciation stops. People’s need aren’t met. Doesn’t Summit (the Keto manufacturer)ponder over:

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. Feedback
  4. Return


Ideally, before launching Summit (the Keto manufacturer)and Keto begotten by Summit. Shooting in one’s foot! Not completely irrelevant.

The Label

Only 6 bits ofKeto (a Summit begotten product) information.

  1. Keto Health Plus. Prima facie, the manufacturer/maker/producer
  2. Keto. Prima facie, a product.
  3. Advanced Weight Loss.
  4. 800mg
  5. 60 capsules
  6. Dietary supplement

Either Summit provided or Internet presented Keto (a Summit begotten product) label isn’t typical. Being typical suggests Keto (a Summit begotten product) label lacks:


  1. Adoring compliance(s)
  2. Net weight
  3. Capsule net weight
  4. Date of manufacturing
  5. Date of expiry
  6. What entity makes Keto (a Summit begotten product)?
  7. Where is it?
  8. What country houses it?
  9. What, both actives and in-actives, comprises it, i.e., Keto (a Summit begotten product).
  10. What is Keto’s (a Summit begotten product) potency breakdown?
  11. What milks Keto (a Summit begotten product)?
  12. What possibly blends malice?
  13. What is beyond Keto (a Summit begotten product) abilities?
  14. What is the price?

Keto’s (a Summit begotten product) label hides listed 14 bits. The Keto (a Summit begotten product) jigsaws remains incomplete.

Let’s see Keto Health Plus Website

Suzuki comprises many Japanese names. But Google takes to Suzuki bike manufacturer. Etc. Googling brings ‘The Keto Summit’, at top. Summit (the Keto manufacturer)does emerge. Google shows two URLs:


Which one is genuine. If both represent Summitand Keto begotten by Summit, does says so about and vice versa. No. Not a single word. The latter, carries a:

  1. Larger
  2. Clearer

image of Keto (a Summit begotten product). What is more appropriate. Websites parked on:


aren’t identical in layout. Neither complements:

  1. Adoring compliance(s)
  2. Net weight
  3. Capsule net weight
  4. manufacturing date
  5. Expiry date
  6. manufacturer
  7. location
  8. Manufacturing country
  9. Ingredient list
  10. What is Keto’s (a Summit begotten product) potency breakdown?
  11. Usage method?
  12. Words of caution?
  13. price?

Incomplete information about Keto Health Plus on:

  1. Label

shadowsKeto product. Where else to haunt?

According to, Ketosis is natural. Encyclopaedia Britannica denies natural trappings. Ketosis article on Encyclopaedia Britannica sees Ketosis a disorder. Chic pictures adorn and its peer, i.e., but no:

  1. Corroboration
  2. Data
  3. Supporting claim

Next, says, ‘ May Increase Energy!’

What? doubting Keto:

  1. Productivity
  2. Efficacy.
  3. Why may supersedes:
  4. Does
  5. Or worse, i.e., Can.

Ok, what about the evidence? nothing about safety.

Then, says, ‘May Help with Keto Diet!’

  1. Again a Keto statement on with an exclamation mark. Such poor:
    1. English
    1. Content
  2. The entire lacks:
    1. what Keto Diet:
      1. helps Keto (a Keto Health Plus product). benefits of that ‘help’ to:
        1. Ketosis
        1. Weight Loss
        1. User sees BHB Ketones comprising Keto. No ingredient list on says so.

Third highlighted statement is Gluten Free!. again exclamation sign. What? It is Glute-Free not Gluten free!. wait a minute. What Gluten comprises? Those are:

  1. Wheat
  2. Barley
  3. Rye

What is their Ketosis contribution? Ketosis articles on:

  1. WebMD
  2. Encyclopaedia Britannica
  3. NCBI


  1. Mention
  2. Acknowledge
  3. Delineate

role or roles of:

  1. Wheat
  2. Barley
  3. Rye

in Ketosis. What makes thinks of penning Gluten free! Prima Facie:

  1. Poor capabilities
  2. Strong malice itself suggests Keto isn’t that good.

Sending Bottle

A form on seeks

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Address
  4. City State
  5. Zip Code
    Email address
  6. Phone Number

to send a Keto Health Plus bottle. No country field on state field on shows US states only.  Filling these brings It says:

  1. Keto 60-capsule bottle $79.95
  2. Keto 60-capsule trial offer bottle $4.95. adds S&H between Just Pay and Now.

What same bottle, 60-capsules, for 4.95 USD. Not even a joke. stakeholder(s) didn’t bother:

  1. Editing image
  2. Writing a few words

The forms shows:

  1. VeriSign
  2. McAfee SECURE
  3. TRUSTe

Impressing the reader. Let’s delve deeper.

Click VeriSign logo. Nothing happens. A fake logo.

Click McAfee SECURE. Nothing happens. The website disowns survives TRUSTe. Click TRUSTe. Nothing happens. A fake logo. Let’s cross-check it. is the touchstone. Nothing is there. falsified again.

Address pens Summitaddress as:

  • 10939 N
  • Alpine Hwy
  • Suite 118
  • Highland
  • UT 84003

Let’s Google it.

Google results of Keto Health Plus selling shows serving address purposes of:


But not that of


Nothing else:

  • No document
  • No communication
  • No ad

uses’s showed address. Another falsification

Let’s avail Google Street View

The view shows:

  1. Dear Lizzie
  2. Subway
  3. Dominos
  4. Canyon Clinic
  5. Boutique & Bistor

Nothing on 10939 shows links to

  2. Keto Health Plus

Who.Is info falsifiesSummit (the Keto manufacturer)and relevant information. expiry date

registration date

  1. Organization
  2. Address
  3. State
  4. Postal Code
  5. Phone


  1. Contact
  2. Other info


Obviously, Keto Health Plus isn’t genuine.