Keto Forcera

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Keto Forcera Exposed

Primaforce is the BHB maker. BBH is:

  1. Available
  2. Sold on for a price of $ 59.99. The webpage of Primaforce websie, i.e., carries Keto Forcera:

  1. Label
  2. Website content

This passage will examine:

  1. BHB label
  2. BHB webpage content

to ascertain Primaforce’s worth/reality.

Label provides following BHB label information. It says:

  1. Keto Approved
  2. Vegan
  3. Diary Free
  4. Non GMO
  5. Boost Ketones
  6. Fuels Performance
  7. Suppresses Appetite
  8. Includes 6g BHB
  9. No Artificial sweetners
  10. No Artificial Flavors:
    1. Grape
    1. Patriot Pop
    1. Orange Mango

Supplement Facts

Patented PrimForce parked BHB web page informs:

8.5-gram compring one BHB scoop/serving

30 scoop/serving comprises one BHB container by PrimaForce.

  1. One PrimaForce scoop of BHB bears 30 Calories.
  2. Primaforce finds 260mg Calcium suitable for BHB ingredient profile. 260mg Clacium makes 20% DV.
  3. Primaforce finds 75mg Magnesium suitable for BHB ingredient profile. 75mg Magnesium makes 18% DV.
  4. Primaforce finds 510mg Sodium suitable for BHB ingredient profile. 510mg Sodium Makes 22% DV.
  5. Primaforce finds 200mg Potassium suitable for BHB ingredient profile. 200mg Potassium makes 4% DV.
  6. Primaforce finds 6g (patented) go BHB Hydroxybutyrate for BHB ingredient profile. No DV% data.


  1. Sodium BHB
  2. Calcium BHB
  3. Magnesium BHB
  4. Potassium Citrate
  5. Citric Acid
  6. Malic Acid
  7. Stevia Extract
  8. Natural flavours

Manufactured for PrimaForce

  1. LLC 1452
  2. Industry Drive
  3. Burlington
  4. NC 27215

Let’s evaluate it. content will follow.

The label Keto Forcera shows PrimaForce a patented entity. However, BHB page shows:

  1. No patent number mentioned.
  2. No hint.
  3. no year mentioned.

Why? If patented, both PrimaForce and BHB should strut about. What marks BHB content on, silence.

Keto Approved

Keto Approved ensconces top-corner on Keto Forcera label. However, Keto Approved isnt’ a:

  1. Certification
  2. Compliance
  3. Achievement
  4. Membership
  5. Acknowledgement

Nothing such as exists. Besides, no Keto Approved explanation/delineation/definition marks Point invalidated.


Vegan is in vogue. Main religious communities:

  1. Jews
  2. Hindus
  3. Muslims

concern animal sources. Concerns assert in edible situations. Kosher,, likewise assures. However, doesn’t mention:

certifying agency. Though, those are many. Unsupported equates exposed. Dented BHB doesn’t sound well.

Diary Free

In some people, FDA finds Diary raising false alarm. An uncomfortable situation. PrimaForce crafted BHB’s claim is:

  1. Explained no where
  2. Supported no where
  3. Not third party supported

Tenability gets dented.


Next PrimaForce claim about BHB is Non GMO. Syntax suggests disappointing content quality. Non-GMO.Org is in vogue. There exists more agencies. Labels shows none. Web page, i.e., isn’t different either. A self explanatory trap.

Boost Ketones

Label is silent. Primaforce doesn’t help either. The vastness of goes wasted. PrimaForce doesn’t bother. Where else to haunt? No justification is available. Denuded of support, BHB by PrimaForce loose its:

  1. Value
  2. Attraction


Fuels Performance

This complexion isn’t defined. Let alone:

  1. Delineating
  2. Corroborating

Spacious web page appears barren. Third-party reference fails catching’s attention. One thing appears obvious. Fuelling performance is baseless.

Suppresses Appetite

One weight management pillar. Primaforce doesn’t mention:

  1. How BHB does it?
  2. How multiple aspects covered?
  3. What is efficiency?
  4. What is result time?
  5. What is safety?
  6. Are there caveats?
  7. Any preconditions?

Nothing on suggests PrimaForce stakeholders/formulating nuture an idea. Quite disappointing. PrimaForce doesn’t resist it. Why? Is PrimaForce isn’t interested:

  1. In selling products
  2. Serving needs
  3. Getting a toehold
  4. Increasing market share

Includes 6g BHB

Right. But what are benefits? The webpage,, cannot have alibi of:

  1. Limited space
  2. Limited means. Regarding satiating information.
  3. Availability issues. YouTube, linking, etc., help. appear oblivious here.

No Artificial sweeteners

No Artificial Flavors:

  1. Grape
  2. Patriot Pop
  3. Orange Mango
  4. No evidence. Nothing on supports how:
  5. Keto Forcera organizes natural flavors?
  6. Their stability?
  7. Price competitiveness with those.

Nothing supports here.

Ingredient Profile

  1. 260mg Clacium
  2. 75mg Magnesium
  3. 510mg Sodium
  4. 200mg Potassium
  5. 6g (patented/trade mark) go BHB Hydroxybutyrate

Five-ingredient strong BHB formulary at is presented as:

  1. Efficient
  2. Efficacious
  3. Marvellous

Irony is doesn’t bother:

  1. Introducing ingredients.
  2. Showing their relevancy
  3. Proving their relevancy


  1. 260mg Clacium
  2. 75mg Magnesium
  3. 510mg Sodium
  4. 200mg Potassium

And go BHB

Aren’t magical. These befit mineral category. Five minerals of Keto Forcera! See the expectations:

  1. On label
  2. On the webpage.

The BHB label by PirmaForce:

  1. Lists some more ingredients.
  2. Repeats some ingredients.
    1. Sodium BHB
    1. Calcium BHB
    1. Magnesium BHB
    1. Potassium Citrate
    1. Citric Acid
    1. Malic Acid
    1. Stevia Extract

Except the last three i.e.,

  1. Citric Acid
  2. Malic Acid
  3. Stevia Extract

The earlier four repeat. Why? If those are actives, why fails mentioning:

  1. Potency
  2. DV%

Let alone introductions. Internet provides generic information. Why PrimaForce doesn’t think?

The Address

Both Keto Forcera:

  1. Label
  2. Website

mention PrimaForce address. Legitimacy emerges. Genuineness marks BHB on A little effort dispels PrimaForce’ this impression. Let’s see Google Street View. It is a road. No building. No structure. No tent. Nothing on LLC1542.

The Website Content

According to content Keto Forcera features are:

Achieving Ketosis

No line on showing how?

Sustaining Ketosis provides similar disappointment. No information. No explanation

Post-Workout Refreshment

Appears too much:

Five minerals

Two acids

One extracts

Expectations appear farce. Absent evidence supports it. Another feature busted.

Substituting Morning Coffee

Caffeine doesn’t appear in Keto Forcera:


On site content

Hence, completely base-less.

Consumers Love The Flavour

There isn’t any:

Customer feed back

Supporting great taste

On Another point busted. Look at the aforesaid PrimaForce claim. Its examination. Its support. Integrity disappears.


Before confirming/certifying it, PrimaForce doesn’t bother:

Mentioning how Gluten involves?

How PrimaForce frees BHB?

What agency supports it?

For Everyone



Health condition


Matter but claims:


Without evidence

Afternoon energy slumps

No evidence available

Mental performance lacks evidence


Obviously, Keto Forcera is fake.