Biogenix RX

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Biogenix RX

Testofx™, the 5-Stage Male Testosterone Support, is an Allmax Nutrition feat available on:

  1. Allmax’s official website
  2. for a price of $69.99.

Testofx™ Highlights

5-Stage Male Testosterone Support:

  1. A 284% Increase in Bioavailable Testosterone
  2. Allmax® employs Sensoril®, a Cortisol Support Agent
  3. Next Allmax® protagonist is TriBX90™, the 90% Tribulus Extract
  4. Equipped with 940mg Torodex™ fortified

Actives here are:

  1. Fenugreek Essence
  2. Ashwagandha  Essence
  3. Tribulus Terrestris Essence
  4. Alpha Lipoic Acid
  5. 3-3 Di Indolyl Methane (DIM)
  6. Saw Palmetto Essence
  7. Tongkat Ali Essence (Longjack)
  8. Myo Inositol
  9. Giant Knotweed Extract

These actives help Biogenix RX delivering following chief objectives:

  1. Muscle Mass
  2. Strength
  3. Libido / Vitality
  4. Health
  5. Energy
  6. Mental Focus

A Miracle Regarding BioAavailable Testosterone

It is the Bioavailable Testosterone rising from 5.9 to 28.1%. Allmax® presents Testofx™ as its :

  1. Research based
  2. Scientifically validated
  3. 5-stage
  4. Testosterone amplifier. Besides, Allmax® presents Testofx™ as a:
    1. Natural
    1. Clinical strength formula
    1. Adorned by fully dosed active ingredients. Again Research supported.
  5. Testofx™ formulary:
    1. manages all key factors
    1. maximizes the effect
    1. optimizes testosterone influence
  6. Testofx™ Blocks Test-limiting Cortisol
  7. Increases Free Testosterone
  8. Inhibits Estrogen
  9. Enhances Receptor Sites
  10. Mitigates Anti-Aromatase (DHT)
  11. Both the:
    1. Quality
    1. Purity of
    1. Testofx™ formulary are exemplary. Second to none.
  12. Allmax® exhibits:
    1. Meticulous
    1. Even Borderline Obsessive
    1. while cherry-picking ingredients
    1. with the highest potency
    1. Best research supported. Globally, precisely.

The Highest Quality Ingredients

  1. Fully disclosed percentages
  2. Standardization of active ingredients
  • Regarding Biogenix RX, reveals:
    • No proprietary blends
    • No hidden ingredients
    • Exact information of what Allmax® Testofx™ brings.
  • Testofx™ cooperates with body to:
    • Optimize testosterone production. In a natural manner.
  • Allmax® guarantees that Testofx™ helps:
    • Testosterone production
    • Bettering Estrogen control in body

Allmax® have results clearly showing Testofx™ influencing:

  1. Biologically active Testosterone.
  2. Allmax® informs Testofx™ actives influence bio-active Testosterones. Positively as well. An experiment showed Testofx™ group getting 284% rise. Over the placebo group.

Natural Male Testosterone Support


  1. Allmax® advises not letting High Cortisol levels:
  2. Playing havoc with
  3. One’s testosterone levels
  4. Besides environmental determents, merely exercising augments Cortisol control. Allmax® blesses Testofx™ with Sensoroil®. A world famous Ashwagandha patent marks/signifies Sensoroil. Ashwagandah is:
    1. Highly effective
    1. Highly potent
  5. Ayurvedic herb
  6. Standardised to:
    1. Highly specific
    1. Active standards.
  7. Allmax® blends Sensoril® in Testofx:
    1. Full clinical dosage
    1. As research directed.
  8. Inverse proportion marks, Allmax® too agrees:
  9. Cortisol and Testosterone connection
  10. Simply, controlling Cortisol results required/high outcome. Allmax® says Sensoril® takes 24 hours in reducing 32% Cortisol. There is even more. Allmax® adds that three different/separate US patents back Testofx™ actives independently. Clinical findings support effectiveness.

Torodex™ Free Testosterone Amplification Blend

  1. Though emergent yet exclusive Torodex™ is:
    1. New
    1. Improved
  2. Testofx™ ingredient, rather a novel ingredient, completely rewriting Testosterone Enhancement approaches. One we know. Magical mechanism. What is it?
  3. Allmax® chooses Torodex™ for its:
    1. Rapid testosterone rising
  4. Lowering:
    1. Sex Hormone Binding Globulin
    1. Albumin
  5. These SHBG and Albumin:
    1. Bind to Testosterone in blood stream
    1. Lock onto
    1. Deactivate it. Testosterone Hormone, precisely.
  6. Testofx™ chosen Torodex™ lowers both:
    1. SHBG
    1. Albumin
  7. and Free a large Testosterone amount. Freed Testosterone become Bioactive. A specifically and highly specialized Fenugreek, in essence form, comprises Torodex. Allmax® reveals differences exist in extracts. Allmax® informs rather regular/sundry Fenugreek acts detrimental to Testosterone of Fenugreek Essence consumer. informs 80% Gercunin, extracted, marks Torodex. Its active standardization. 12 hours is usual time Torodex™ takes to increase Testosterone. Allmax® trusts the research. Follows proven extract. Delineates Torodex™ on the label. informs two:

  1. Enzymatic mechanisms:
    1. splitting Tesosterone into unwanted elements/compounds
    1. reducing Testosterone level
  2. Those Enzymatic mechanisms are:
    1. Aromatase,
    1. 5 Alpha Reductase.
  3. Aromatase transforms Testosterone into DH
  4. 5 Alpha Reductase changes Testosterone into Estrogen.
  5. Torodex™ in Biogenix RX reduces both:
    1. 5 Alpha Reductase
    1. Aromatase

The aforesaid inhibition of:

  1. Aromatase
  2. 5 Alpha Reductase
  3. Let/assist Testosterone to rise. Simply, regulating:
    1. Aromatase
    1. 5 Alpha Reductase
    1. SHBG
    1. Albumin
  4. Drives Testosterone up.
  5. Said inhibition increases Testosterone level.

Testosterone Receptor Sensitizer

Allmax® Testofx™ helps to increase:

  1. Testosterone receptor affinity.
  2. Two more jewels adorn Testofix:
    1. Alpha Lipoic Acid
    1. Myo Inositol
  3. Their presence begets a:
    1. Dual Phase Blend sparing:
    1. Receptors from Free Radical harm/damage
    1. Increasing Receptor Membrane health.
  4. What is the net result?
  5. Healthy receptors lock Testosterone. Maximum impact becomes possible.


  1. Biogenix RX includes Novaldim™ for its:
    1. Anti-Estrogen 
    1. Anti-Aromatase
  2. attributes. Novaldim™ does two Testosterone favouring actions:
    1. It blocks Aromatase
  3. Down-regulates Testosterone to Estrogen conversion. Consequently:
    1. Estrogen experiences Metabolism enhancement.
  4. Changing active Estrogen into :
    1. Inert
    1. Inactive forms
  5. Allmax® has research supporting Novaldim™ in actually:
    1. Locking up
    1. Blocking
    1. Estrogen receptors.

Allmax® adds that:

  1. Highly researched
  2. Highly effective
  3. Crucierous vegetable essence, such as:
    1. Cauliflower
    1. Cabbage
    1. Broccoli
  4. comprises Novaldim.
  5. Expert label 3,3-di-indolylmethathane that essence. Copycatting DIM is a recent trend. Allmax® prides in Testofx™’s working with body. This working culminates:
  6. Testosterone amplification.
  • Some Test-Booster sell 100mg DIM a serving matching Allmax® Testofx™. Same amount of Allmax® Testofx. In Biogenix RX there is one difference. Allmax® nodes only:
    • Most premium
    • Natural
    • Backed by research. Real research
    • Testosterone optimizer

for its Testofx.

Novaldim, from anabolic aspect, stirs up free Testosterone. The method is simply. In active estrogne, 2 Hydroxy Estrogens, are attracted to blood protein. Next development is Testosterone binding. Plasma binding proteins stick to 2 Hydroxy. This culminates into greater free Testosterone.

Anti-DHT Agent

Allmax® employs Saw Palmetto  in its Testofx™ for its:

Potential negative effective blocking. 5MTO™ last stage development. A shield against potential fallout. All want benefits. Benefits without side effects. Biogenix RX co-ordinates with body. Completes the process with

  1. two
  2. High potency
  3. Protective

Organochemical Phytoextracts

Usage Method

Allmax® advises taking three Testofx™ capsules. Rather super concentrated Testofx. There capsules  a day. Allmax® advises taking Testofx™ without food. On an empty stomach. Also drink 8 ounces of water. Ingest Testofx™ in the morning. On waking up, precisely. take these on:

  1. Training
  2. Resting

days. Testofx™ serves for 12 hours. Taking in morning keeps Testosterone high. Evening in the evening. Otherwise, evening sees Testosterone dropping. Allmax® advises cycling Testofx™ for best results. Allmax® counsels taking Biogenix RX for 8-weeks. After 8-week Allmax® Testofx intake, pause for two weeks.


Evidently, Biogenix RX by is genuine.